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Virtual Philadelphia Field Trip

Posted by Forjee Jackson on December 14, 2020

Virtual Philadelphia Field Trip 

School trips to Philadelphia to learn about and explore the City of Brotherly Love safely is still possible with the advent of virtual tours and attractions. Some of the attractions that are available are:

  • The Benjamin Franklin Bridge 
  • African American Museum of Philadelphia

How it works for Philadelphia?

Philadelphia has adapted and adjusted to aid in the process of virtual learning and traveling. The city’s tourism website has an array of attractions that can be visited safely from a home or classroom. The view from Benjamin Franklin Bridge is a beauty even when seen virtually. While virtually touring this site, students will be able to see a 360 view of the bridge. This 360 is realistic as it catches every angle that would have been seen if visiting in person. Additionally, while viewing the bridge an automated voice plays giving history and significant facts on The Benjamin Franklin Bridge. The same concept is applied to the African American Museum of Philadelphia. The history and the purpose of the museum is detailed. As the tour continues students can click on photos or artifacts to receive more information and details.

Accessing and partaking in these virtual tours are simple and easy as they are always available and require no prior arrangements. Whenever students are interested in seeing and touring attractions, they are able to do so. 



Video of Philadelphia

Virtual field trips have became a part of our new normal as it does a great job of teaching without endangering individuals. Several of Philadelphia’s attractions have been made accessible virtually which is very convenient. Start your virtual trip to Philadelphia today!

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