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Washington, D.C. School Trip to George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate

Posted by Forjee Jackson on November 21, 2020

Washington, D.C. School Trip to George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate

Lush green open spaces on the outside and 18th century décor on the inside. This combination makes the perfect attraction for students on a school trip to Washington D.C. as it refers to George Washington Mount Vernon’s Estate. The Estate provides great learning opportunities as it has a:

  • Museum
  • Pioneer Farm
  • and George Washington's Mansion

The Museum at George Washington Mount Vernon’s Estate focuses on George Washington’s life and the enslaved community at Mount Vernon. This is an opportunity for students to learn in depth about American history. The museum showcases artifacts from Washington’s life, movies, 4D theater and an interactive theater. There are over 23 galleries and exhibitions that all detail Washington’s life, especially as it relates to changing views on slavery. Students will be able to leave the Estate knowledgeable of George Washington personal and professional life.

Pioneer Farm

While learning about George Washington’s life students will gain insight into George Washington’s life as a farmer. The Pioneer Farm has more than 3000 acres and was cultivated by Washington during the late 18th century. While learning about George Washington, students have the chance to understand that of the enslaved workers who were responsible for putting action to Washington’s ideas. On site, there is also a replica of a slave cabin. Students visiting Washington D.C. on a school trip will enjoy this attraction.


Garden at Mount Vernon Washington, D.C.Garden at Mount Vernon Estate

George Washington Mansion

The highlight of this attraction is the fact that students will be able to stand and view the mansion of George Washington once called home. George Washington was an iconic figure. Therefore, being able to say “I visited the home of George Washington” is truly a privilege. Students would have visited the mansion and viewed the 18th century style that was prominent during that time. 


Overall, the George Washington Mount Vernon’s Estate is a student friendly attraction while on a school trip to Washington D.C. It offers a variety of things to do while there on site. Students are sure to receive an in depth history lesson. On your next school trip to Washington, D.C., we highly consider a stop at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate! 

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