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Ways to Support the Travel Industry, During and After COVID-19

Sarah Hessasta
Posted by Sarah Hessasta on May 21, 2020

Ways to Support the Travel Industry, During and After COVID-19


For the past few months, we have been treading through tumultuous, unprecedented territory. We have experienced a lot of firsts that have tested us in ways we have never been before. Speaking from personal experience, the hospitality industry has been gravely affected by the pandemic. There are national economies that primarily rely on tourism to generate revenue. With the enforcement of travel bans, the closure of hotels and popular tourist hot spots, and the restrictions of restaurants and shops, millions are suffering from job loss and income deficit. We understand the struggle. We are experiencing it, too!

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This soon shall pass. The virus will be controlled, the lockdowns will be lifted. The economy will recover and when it does, we have a list of ways you can help the hospitality and tourism industry!

  • Tip Generously

  • Plan a Road Trip, Family Run Business

  • Don't Cancel Your Trips, Postpone! 

Tip Generously 

This can be implemented immediately; you don’t have to wait until the end of quarantine! As many states across the nation begin introducing Phase I of reopening the economy, some smaller, local businesses will urgently require your patronage. If you have the means to treat your family to some local take-out, be sure to tip. Tips can make a difference for employees restricted to part time work, or recently rehired employees find their footing, again. Anything helps. 


Plan a Road Trip, and Stop by the Family Run Businesses

Of course, all necessary safety precautions must be considered. Do not travel unless advised by your federal, state or local government. It may be awhile before we are comfortable boarding a plane and traveling around the world, but road trips are an easy way to reintroduce travel. Drive out to the coast or a nearby hiking trail, and grab some drive thru coffee or curb side lunch. There are adventures to seek right in your own backyard!


Don’t Cancel Your Trips, Postpone!

Travel bans were implemented not too long following the declaration of a national emergency. It made sense for many to cancel all future plans in return for a full refund. While we understand the reasoning, this actually destroys the tourism and hospitality industry. Countless industry professionals have been incredibly flexible with postponing prior arrangement or little to no cost. At GO, we welcomed schools to postpone their trips to a later date at no additional charge. 


To all past and current travelers, we appreciate your support. We look forward to the chance to travel with you all again!

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