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What to eat on your school trip to Norway

Posted by Michaela Ruffino on March 24, 2020

What to eat on your school trip to Norway

The Flavors of Norway

The cuisine of Norway has been developed from the natural resources of the sea and land. Preserving fish, meat and game using traditional methods of drying, salting and pickling. On your next class trip to Norway, take a local cooking last to experience the flavors of Norway! The following cities are examples of the twelve Michelin stars in Norway: 

  • Bergen, Norway: Bare Restaurant 

  • Trondheim, Norway: Credo

  • Stavanger, Norway: RE-NAA

From the mountains, to the coast and wilderness, Norway’s cuisine originally came heavily salted, smoked or pickled. Bergen, Norway is located on a harbor, allowing fish to be a prominent protein in a meal. The Bergen fish soup became a famous speciality! On your next class trip to Norway, try fish, a main staple in the Norwegian kitchen.

Traditional Roros, Norway sausage meal

During a local cooking class, your student class trip to Norway comes alive when using traditional Norwegian ingredients. Wild mushrooms, apples, and dairy are heavily used through every dish. On your next class trip, be sure to include a stop at a local apple orchard for an apple juice tasting with lunch provided.

Lemonade bottle in Balestrand, Norway at lunch

On your next school trip to Norway, be sure to check out the local flavors. Our educational travel specialists are happy to help plan an amazing Norway adventure for your students! 

Plan my next trip to Norway! 

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