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What will post-pandemic travel look like?

Sarah Hessasta
Posted by Sarah Hessasta on June 2, 2020

What will post-pandemic travel look like?


As humans, although the thresholds differ for everyone, we seek comfort in familiarity and routine. We desperately wish to return to our sense of normalcy, but this pandemic has changed things. It can be distressing to accept newer or stricter provisions of a life we once knew and loved, but change isn’t all that bad. We remain optimistic. In a world of contemporary, inventive leaders, we will pave an improved path for safer travel. So, what could we expect in the future of travel?


TSA “Self Check Out”

The Department of Homeland Security is waging the option of screening passengers and belongings in a single step, potentially with the aid of a computerized system that will guide passengers through a step-by-step process, at the passenger’s pace. This would limit the number of unnecessary pat-downs and contact with airport personnel. This may also expedite the security process overall. Oh, and expect a facial covering of sorts to be as crucial as your passport! 


Aircraft Redesign

Aviointeriors SpA has released two designs of potential models to practice social distancing while flying. The first has the middle seat flipped backward in a row of three, barred with two plastic shields on either side. The second model offers an entire protective shield emerging from the top of the seat, spooning over the sides of the passenger’s head. The ideas are patented but are within their introductory phase. Of course, intensive research is needed to establish a universal standard for implementation, maintenance, safety, and cleanliness. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to see the airline industry prompting valiant efforts at adapting to this new, post-pandemic normal. 


Faster, Standardized Testing 

The demand for improved COVID-19 testing has been frequently discussed in the media for months. The idea is to have rapid testing available, to be conducted with results before any passenger can board. This may transit into the distribution of immunity cards and even disinfection chamber pre-boarding.


Socially Distanced Traveling

This can be translated in a number of ways. This could mean limiting the number of travelers or guests at any given time or embarking to a less popular destination. This may not always be feasible for a student class trip, but it can mean a greater consideration of off-peak travel. Fewer people travel in the cooler, winter months which makes it easier and safer to navigate a busy city. This usually can lead to more affordable travel, too! 


Times are changing, but I am confident we will readjust. We may feel uncertain or anxious, but we are resilient. In the hospitality/tourism industry, we are of service to YOU. At GO, we cannot wait to see what the future has in store! 


By: Sarah Hessasta, Travel Specialist 

Topics: COVID-19

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