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Where to bring your culinary class on a school trip?

Posted by Jolene Bourgoin on March 24, 2020

Where To Bring Your Culinary Class On A School Trip?


Three Locations for Culinary Field Trips 

Food is a huge part of culture. There are many students out there who would love to see and experience the places that they are going to through the food they eat. Some may even want to turn their passion for food into a job. Here are three places that are amazing for a culinary field trip! 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

New Orleans is of course known for its distinct music, unique dialect, its annual celebrations and festivals, and of course its soul food cooking. Gumbo, beignets, and jambalaya just to name a few iconic dishes. There are hidden gems, cuisine classics, and new news popping up every day. There is always something for someone to eat in New Orleans on a trip. Going to the French Quarters on this trip is a must. Whether it's where you start or end, it is a staple that needs to be hit. A culinary student's dream!

New York City, New York 

New York City is known as the melting pot for a reason! So many cultures and people from around the world come to New York and bring their delicious food! That’s what makes New York City perfect for a culinary field trip. Students will have an amazing time seeing the wonders of the city as well as eating the comforts of the city. In the city that never sleeps, come be the people who always eat!

Chicago, Illinois 

Chicago style is known for a reason. Chicago style hot dogs, Chicago style steak sandwiches, and of course Chicago style deep dish pizza! Students will immerse themselves into Chicago's food and culture and come out with a greater understanding of why Chicago style is famous! Be impressed with their fierce passion for Chicago comfort-food classics. They also have Grant Achatz, widely renowned as one of the most popular chefs/practitioners of molecular gastronomy — the fusion of cooking and science — and Chicago is his home turf. The perfect culinary combination of new and traditional!


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