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High School Trips to Venice, Italy

Posted by Forjee Jackson on October 14, 2020

High School Trips to Venice, Italy

Iconic. Unique. Historic. Charming.  Are just some words to describe the vibe and feel of Venice, Italy. It is a must see stop on your next high school trip to Italy. Venice is quaint yet overflowing with things to do and attractions to see. It leaves one with distinctive memories. The canals, the buildings, the art, the history are just some of the many reasons why Venice is the perfect addition to any Italy high school trip!

  • History

  • Beauty
  • Experience


What’s better than learning about a city while being in that city? Visiting Venice provides a wonderful opportunity for high school students. Venice has a rich and immersive history as the city dates back to thousands of years ago. Students will learn the importance and influence of Venice’s history on its present day culture and practices. The impressive history is sure to excite students making it the ideal addition to a Italy high school trip itinerary.



Venice’s beauty is unmatched and truly a memorable experience for any trip to Italy. From the uniquely architectural buildings to the numerous scenic bridges, Venice is not short on offering breathtaking sites. There are countless art galleries located throughout the city. Beauty is a core component of Venice and is responsible giving the city its notoriety. For this reason, Venice would be the ultimate addition to any school trip to Italy.


Last but not least, Gondolas. How can we talk about Venice without mentioning the Gondolas? There is nothing more Venetian than taking a ride on one. With a trip to Venice, students will have the opportunity to take a ride while gaining a true Gondola experience from the singing to the viewing of the city from the canal. The experience becomes even more educational as students can learn more about how the boats are made and the history of it all.


Venice is the perfect addition to any high school trip as it offers an array of opportunities and experiences. The city is beyond picturesque regardless if you are in a canal taking a ride in a Gondola, visiting an art museum or simply learning about it’s history. Venice offers beauty and a memorable experience on every cobblestone walkway. Here you check out what Italy as a country has to offer on a school trip!

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