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New Orleans Virtual Field Trip

Posted by Forjee Jackson on December 16, 2020

New Orleans Virtual Field Trip

COVID-19 has definitely changed how we operate and has created a normal for just about every aspect of our lives. As for traveling and student school trips, virtual tours have become high in demand due to its safety and alignment with newly implemented protocols. New Orleans has adapted wonderfully to this change as many attractions and highlights there have access to virtual tours.

  • Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours
  • Preservation Hall 
  • The National WWII Museum


Cajun Encounters Swamp Tours

Another 360 degree tour, Cajun Encounters Virtual Swamp Tours is very interactive and realistic. The swamp is home to alligators which students will be able to see as the tour guide interacts with the wild creatures and others that are native to the swamp. After touring the swamp, students can then tour a little more to view the “River Raccoons”. Information is always available to the students during the tour and can be an intriguing virtual tour!


Preservation Hall

A trip to New Orleans is not complete without a visit to Preservation Hall, even if it’s virtually! Preservation Hall is rich in history, culture and soul, literally. Students will have the opportunity to learn about jazz and everything surrounding the topic. The tour includes a 360 view of the Hall while providing important information.

swamp-4544970_1920Swamp in New Orleans


The National WWII Museum

Another attraction that is a must see is The National WWII Museum. The museum has so much to offer even virtually. Students can tour the facility while learning pertinent facts about World War II. Additionally, “distance learning” has been added to the museum's portfolio to aid in learning/visiting without physically being at the museum. A virtual stop at The National WWII Museum is essential!


 An educational trip to New Orleans is still possible and highly recommended. All students need is a laptop/computer and internet access. They are sure to learn and explore the city of New Orleans with a click of a button.

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