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Virtual Atlanta Field Trip

Posted by Forjee Jackson on December 8, 2020

Virtual Atlanta Field Trip 

Let’s take a trip to Atlanta but virtually! Virtual tours and attractions are becoming very common as it maintains safety ensures compliance with various restrictions. While on a virtual tour to Atlanta students can visit:

  • Atlanta (City Tour)
  • The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

Atlanta City Tour

During these unprecedented times, students can visit Atlanta safely by doing so virtually. Atlanta’s tourism website has made it possible for individuals to do so. It allows students to view and learn about the highlights of Atlanta. It is convenient and user friendly as the student can direct their personal tour. They have the option of beginning, continuing and ending wherever they choose. This is an easy and safe way to learn about Atlanta, it’s attractions and history.

Atlanta 360

Example of Atlanta Virtual Tour

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum is rich with history and interesting facts. Students can learn all about these with the clock of a button. The tour starts in the Oval Office and continues in whichever direction the students choose. This is a great educational opportunity for students that were looking forward to traveling to Atlanta.


Overall, even virtually Atlanta is a great destination for students looking to explore Atlanta. Students can participate in virtual tours of museums and even the city of Atlanta. Have fun touring!

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